Two people who love donuts, with a donut shop. It's as simple as that.



We're Craig Waugh and Valerie Vezey. We grew up in small-town Canada. Desperate to get away from the cold, we moved to Indiana where we started a family. Now, all the kids are gone and we are bringing our partnership to the next level; business partners! WheelHouse is our brain-child, and we hope you can taste our passion for donuts and hospitality in every bite.

Our goal is to bring a smile to your face with made-to-order donuts. If you want a donut with strawberry glaze, a peanut butter drizzle, and cornflake topping, we think you should have it! No combination is too wild for Wheelhouse.


If you're in Rockville, Indiana, come check us out for an unforgettable donut experience!